Why I Write Scottish Historical Romance

I have been in love with romance as long as I can remember... from those first fairy tales that held me enthralled, to daydreams, to putting the first words on paper.  Stories affect me profoundly which is why I write the ones with happy endings.  Cultivating characters and their journeys and allowing them to spring to life on a page where others can experience them is one of the great joys in life. Characters are magical.  Do I create them or do they use me as a portal to life? 
"Scotland, above all, is a land of romance and of poetry" ~Sir David Wilkie, painter.

Scotland is such a magical place, it is easy to see how so many myths and legends were born here. It is also my favorite place to visit. When I write stories set in Scotland, I return there in my mind and endeavor to bring the beauty to life through words. Scotland is a brooding and moody place, but always breathtaking and awe-inspiring. The history is filled with conflict, passion and the yearning for freedom. The landscape of the Highlands is harsh, filled with rocks, mountains, lochs, peat bogs and lovely cold beaches. The sky is dramatic and very much a part of the wild landscape, especially when the clouds drift down and caress the mountains. In the morning, the mist rises and floats, ghost-like as rays of sunlight knife through. I hope you will visit my Scotland page to learn more.